Lucky Motor Corporation Limited (LMCL) has implemented price increases across all Kia car models, with the exception of Picanto Manual, Stonic EX, and Carnival. The company has not provided a specific justification for this price surge.

It is worth noting that, in contrast to the previous price adjustment, the company has also raised the price of the Picanto. As of July 5, the revised prices for the various models are outlined in the following table:

ModelOld price (Rs)New price (Rs)Hike (Rs)
Picanto Automatic3,625,0003,825,000200,000
Stonic EX+5,930,0006,050,000120,000
Sportage Alpha7,050,0007,300,000250,000
Sportage FWD7,940,0008,190,000250,000
Sportage AWD8,570,0008,820,000250,000
Sportage Black Edition9,050,0009,300,000250,000
Sorento FWD10,400,00010,800,000400,000
Sorento AWD11,300,00011,700,000400,000
Sorento V611,390,00011,790,000400,000

Previously, the company held a notable market share and was mentioned alongside Pakistan’s leading car manufacturers until mid-2022. However, currently, Kia’s car sales have dwindled to merely a few hundred units.


Although there was a slight increase in sales for the company last month, it was not substantial enough to make a significant impact. Given the prevailing circumstances, it is understandable that all automakers in Pakistan are focused on survival.