The boy whose video driving a Land Cruiser in Multan went viral earlier this week says that he took the vehicle out for a ride because he felt like having ice cream.

When asked by a reporter, the kid said he drove to several places to get the ice cream but couldn’t find any, so he decided to head back home. According to the kid, this was not the first time that he drove this vehicle.

“My father didn’t scold me,” said the kid in response to a question. He only said that “I shouldn’t drive [at this age] again”.


The kid’s father said he was sleeping when his son took the key of the vehicle from his bedside. “When I woke up and couldn’t find the key, I took my driver and went out to look for the kid,” he said, adding that the kid was returning home when “we came across him”.

He also said that he went to the police voluntarily.

On Friday, the father of the kid was fined Rs 1,000 for negligence. He has also submitted an affidavit to the police stating that the incident occurred due to his negligence and will not happen again. The man and his son were allowed to go home after submitting surety bonds.