Local police have resolved the mysterious disappearance of an 8th grade student from Kotri area. The missing girl, Karishma Magsi, was recovered from her sister’s house.

News of the girl’s disappearance went viral on social media.

Express Tribune reported that Karishma’s father Himmat Ali Magsi initially lodged a case of Karishma’s abduction against his three nephews including Naik Mohammad Magsi, Amir Magsi, and Munir Ahmed Soomro in Kotri police station.


The police reported that Karishma was recovered from her elder sister’s house living in Daur. The raid happened 12 days after the incident. Later, she was produced in the court.

The police revealed that the girl’s father created the hoax of her kidnapping and registered a case against the nephews because of his personal enmity with them over property and other domestic issues.

SHO Khair Muhammad Mallah said that action would be taken against Himmat Ali Magsi for lodging a false case.

However, Karishma’s parents along with their relatives, protested in front of Kotri Press Club.

They alleged that the abductors left the child at her elder sister’s house as soon as the case was registered. They also accused the police of pressurising and harassing them.

They demanded that the Chief Minister and IG Sindh take notice of the unfair attitude of the police and provide justice.