Kubra Khan has hit back at a local media news outlet for misreporting her comments about un-following Prime Minister Imran Khan on Twitter. Khan, in an interview, had shared that she unfollowed PM Khan (and Hamza Ali Abbasi) on Twitter because she didn’t want any political updates.

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Sharing the misreported news on Twitter, Kubra said: “I am and will always one of the biggest supporters of [PM] Imran Khan.”


“I don’t need to follow him on “social media” to show my support,” said the actor further, adding: “But thanks for adding the negative connotation?”

Earlier, during the 2018 General Elections, Kubra had said that if she had the option to vote, “it would be no other than PTI.”

Meanwhile Kubra follows only four people on Twitter: Vasay Chaudhry, Gohar Rasheed, Iqrar ul Hassan Syed and Fahad Mustafa.