Junaid Safdar, the son of Senior Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) Maryam Nawaz, has reached Lahore on Thursday night.

It was reported earlier this week that Junaid was shifting permanently to Pakistan to assist his mother in her party’s political activities.

Taking to Instagram, Junaid wrote, “I am not interested in Pakistani politics, for now. I have only moved to Pakistan to fulfil the responsibilities owed to my mother and family. I will be assisting my mother in her work and family matters but I will not be taking part in politics,” he added.



“Side note: Kya baat hai Lahore ki thand ki [Nothing can come close to Lahore winters]. Have really missed this!” added Junaid.

On January 2, Maryam Nawaz was appointed the Senior Vice President of PML-N. She will also take on the responsibility of reorganising the party.

According to news reports, PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday left London for a week-long trip to Geneva.