Laapataa Ladies has recently debuted on Netflix. The charming film, directed by Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan’s ex-wife is produced by Aamir Khan Productions. It is a story of two brides who get hilariously mixed up, and in the process end up finding their own strengths.

The portrayal of characters resonates with societal norms. Ravi Kishan, who is playing the role of a suspicious police officer, is the main character of the film. The remaining actors too have played their part very well. The movie has a very strong message for woman empowerment and the upliftment of women in society.


Phool learns to survive alone in the real world with help from a stellar supporting cast. Jaya on the other hand, dreams of studying organic farming and live the life she wants to. Deepak and Phool’s story remains as innocent as possible, while Jaya’s story is that of hope and has more emotional depth. The writer simply and beautifully conveys the significance of female friendships, sisterhood and bonding. But life goes on and sometimes it teaches us the very lessons we were afraid to accept. Even if we enjoy socializing, there are situations in which we may find ourselves alone. However, I believe that we become our strongest selves when we learn to live contentedly by ourselves.

We no longer have expectations from anyone at that time, and nothing can harm us. In this film there are some new faces, but if new talents are like this, then the new character needs to give more opportunity than experienced actors.

Deepak marries Phool Kumari and Jaya is married to Pradeep. Both the couples take the same crowded train to their respective villages. The two newlywed couple accidentally switch places. For Jaya, who was forcibly married to Pradeep, the mixup is a God sent opportunity. For Phool Kumari, who actually likes her husband, the mixup is horrifying. The two spouses board the same packed train. Phool Kumar is left alone at the train station after Deepak and Jaya unintentionally get off the train. While Pradeep is in love with the dowry Jaya’s family gave him, Deepak is in love with Phool. The story revolves around Deepak’s reunion with Phool.