During the last 24 hours, the Punjab Emergency Service Department (PESD) dealt with 1,115 accidents across the province. 11 persons died and 1,161 were injured in these car accidents.

As per the data, there were 272 road accidents in Lahore, impacting 280 people, putting the Provincial Capital at the top of the list, followed by 98 in Faisalabad, with 111 victims, and 79 in Multan, with 83 victims.

664 people were critically hurt and were taken to nearby hospitals. Rescue medical teams treated 497 minor injured people at the scene of the accident. Around 69 per cent of traffic accidents involved motorcycles.


Moreover, 561 drivers, 46 underage drivers, 113 pedestrians, and 498 passengers were among the sufferers of these road traffic collisions, according to the report.

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The figures also indicated that 1,172 people were impacted in road traffic accidents, comprising 979 men and 183 women, with 256 of the deceased being under the age of 18 and 605 being between the ages of 18 and 40, and the remaining 311 being above the age of 40.

In the aforementioned road accidents, 989 motorcycles, 77 auto-rickshaws, 145 automobiles, 26 vans, 10 passenger buses, 37 trucks, and 109 other types of cars and sluggish carts were involved.