Saudi Arabia is introducing a one-year multiple-entry visit visa for Pakistanis who have a valid UK, US or Schengen visa on their passports, reports The News. The visa will also be applicable for Umra but not for Hajj. There’s a catch though. The visa can only be issued to a credit card holder. When you land at any international airport in Saudi, a visa charge of Rs.18,000 will be charged to your card: cash is not accepted.

People waiting at immigation. Photo credit: Marhaba Saudi

You can stay in the country for 90 days and enter multiple times until the visa expires.

There is another catch. You cannot enter the country if you have a valid UK, US, Schengen visa but have never used it Catch number three is that the first time to fly to Saudi to get an on arrival visa, you have to travel via Saudi Arlines, Flynas or Flydeal. The second time you visit, you can use any airline.


The Kingdom Tower in Jeddah

You can also apply for a tourist visa online. Once you submit it and it’s accepted, you will receive an electronic visa that you can show at immigration.