Shop owners at Landa Bazaar Karachi have threatened to close their shops in protest of the hike in import tariffs.

Muhammad Usman, secretary general of the Pakistan Second Hand Clothing Merchant Association, urged that the government remove the increased levies placed on imported cotton clothing at a news conference while threatening to close their stores.

The spokesperson pointed out that the price of imported used clothing had increased due to government action. With the value of the dollar rising steadily, it is getting harder for people to satisfy their necessities. The authorities have raised the valuation on imported goods in such circumstances, he said.



It was previously reported on December 23 that the government increased the tax on imported items from Rs81 to Rs225 per kg, forcing the dealers to increase the cost of normally inexpensive shirts, blankets, and other warm clothing.

In the country’s numerous “Landa Bazars,” shoppers shopping for affordable winter clothing will have to contend with inflationary pressure.

According to the announcement made in this respect, in addition to the sales tax and customs duty of 5 per cent, which are levied on imported used products, there is also a regulatory charge of 10 per cent and an income tax of 5.5 per cent.

The price of imported used goods, such as warm clothing, sweaters, blankets, jackets, and shoes, as well as children’s toys, would increase as a result of the tax rate increase.