A female activist of the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Laila Parveen, and her brother were allegedly beaten up by a group of lawyers on Malir court premises, reports Dawn.

Videos of the incident are doing the rounds on social media. The lawyers are being criticised for the way Parveen and her brother were treated.

Trigger Warning!


Parveen told the media that she, along with her brother, had appeared before a court in connection with a case she had filed against her ex-husband Advocate Hasnain, who was the one who verbally and physically assaulted them along with his colleagues Advocate Shahzad Saeed and Advocate Jalbani at the court.

According to Parveen, her ex-husband had given a bounced cheque of Rs6.5 million.


Later, the general secretary of the Malir district bar association, Riaz Bhatti, revealed that some lawyers had tried to settle the dispute between Advocate Hasnain and Parveen but some people who were with Parveen became harsh and indulged in a fistfight.