With the release of the new iPhone 14 series scheduled for September 7 only a few days away, all eyes are currently focused on Apple.

The hardware powering the selfie camera and Face ID is said to include a brand-new dual cutout design.

It appears that there will be a system in place to black out the pixels between the two cutouts and make the entire area appear as one solid piece.


This is the current popular belief. We can see the switch on what must be a real iPhone 14 unit in a recently leaked clip that demonstrates the functionality.

Apple probably made the decision to include this functionality for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The new privacy indications, which debuted with iOS 14, will presumably be placed in the space between the two cuts.

It indicates when an application actively makes use of the device’s microphone or camera. This might allow additional status icons to fit in the display’s corners.

Recent reports claim that Apple will rebuild the status bar specifically for the iPhone 14 using the new cutout. Several renders have appeared, indicating that Cupertino may return to a more traditional style.

One that displays the location sign adjacent to the full battery information (percentage and icon) on the far right. Network signal and carrier information are displayed on the left.

Remember that these are currently just rumours and that on September 7 the Cupertino-based tech giant will reveal the final design.