India is in the grip of a deadly second wave of the coronavirus. During the ongoing crisis in the country, people are trying to help in every way they can.

Madhuri Dixit also stepped in to play her part by posting a video of herself showing how to properly wear a mask to avoid getting infected with the virus.

In the video, Madhuri can be seen showing the right and the wrong way of wearing a mask.


On Thursday, India marked a grim milestone in the COVID-19 pandemic reporting 314,835 new cases in the last 24 hours, the highest one-day tally anywhere, Reuters has reported. The previous record one-day rise in cases was held by the United States, which had 297,430 new cases on one day in January, though its tally has since fallen sharply.

Meanwhile, India will let all citizens aged over 18 get COVID-19 vaccinations from May 1, the government said on Monday.

Meanwhile, at least 22 patients died on April 21 in a hospital in western India after a disruption to their oxygen supply caused by a leaking tank, the health minister said, as a nationwide surge in coronavirus cases soaks up supplies of the crucial gas.