Lentils are an important part of the diet of Pakistanis, with the plant-based protein being a staple in most households.

The country grows and consumes a wide variety of nutritious lentils, not just in normal daal form, but also in kababs, bhallas and even chaat.

However, what is the country’s favorite daal? Gallup Pakistan has released a new survey about this very important question.


In the survey, 21 percent people gave a verdict in favor of maash ki daal and said it was their favorite among all pulses, reports Geo.

17 percent of Pakistanis chose gram dal as their favorite, 14 percent chose moong dal and eight percent chose masoor ki daal, while four percent chose white beans (Lobya) as their favorite.

Six percent said they liked all pulses, while four percent said they did not like any pulse.