Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmad Khan has said while addressing a ceremony by Punjab Judicial Academy on Friday, “Beware of those who want to sow discord.”

He emphasised the need to avoid institutional confrontation because it would only weaken the institutions.

The Chief Justice emphasized that the “judiciary does not want a face-off” with any bar, institution, or government, however, “this gesture should be seen by all parties”.


Justice Shahzad stressed the legal fraternity not become the “B team” of any government, agency or institution, except for enhancing coordination to improve the system.

He further said that they will “respect everyone until the courts are given due honour, otherwise, no one should set high expectations”.

The CJ advised the judges, who completed their pre-service training course, to realise a big responsibility on them which demands them to work fearlessly, without accepting any pressure and greed.