Devastating floods in Pakistan have affected more than 33 million people. One-third of Pakistan is underwater right now and hundreds of thousands of people are stranded across the country. We can all make a difference in the lives of flood victims by helping them out.

Here’s how you can help:
Donate Nylon Shoes:

Syed Zafar Abbas Jafri, the founder of Jaferia Disaster Cell (JDC), is actively working to help those in the flood-affected areas. Jafri, in a video, said that the people living in flood-affected areas need nylon shoes.

He explained that people have to walk miles and miles in flood-affected areas and while walking, their plastic slippers get stuck in the mud and then they have to walk barefoot for the rest of the journey, leading to injuries.



He advised people to donate nylon shoes for the flood victims.

Don’t donate cooked food
Do not donate cooked food to the flood victims as you may not know when it gets delivered.
Donate dry food
Donate dry food items such as flour, ghee or cooking oil, salt, tea, sugar, biscuits, bread, and dry milk.
Don’t think you have to do it on your own

Try donating to large-scale and reputed organisations.

Donate water filters and water purification materials

Donate water filters and water purification materials to flood victims.