In the spirit of Ramzan, the Sikh community in Peshawar has continued its tradition to serve Iftar to fasting Muslims with the objective of promoting love, fraternity, respect, and honour among people of different faiths.

Sikh families living in the Mohalla Jogan Shah area of the walled city take turns to arrange food; as a result these ‘dastarkhawans’ work round the month.

The community not only makes arrangements for Muslim brothers but also distributed rations among the needy and poor. Each of the ration packs consists of essential items including cooking oil, rice, pulses, chickpeas, beans, sugar, and tea.



Chairman Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter of the National Peace Council for Interfaith Harmony Jatinder Singh said that the objective behind this practice by Sikhs is “to promote love, fraternity, respect, and honour among people of different”. Pointing out that his community had lived in the country for generations, he said they wanted to convey a message of mutual coexistence among its citizens.

Sikh traders also announce special discounts in their shops during Ramzan besides donating money to the needy.