Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatema’s explosive allegations of domestic violence and cheating against the actor-singer sent Pakistan’s entertainment industry reeling on Sunday. Members of the film fraternity stepped forward to extend their support to Fatema and raised their voice against domestic abuse.

Mahira Khan, who often voices her opinions on matters of social interest, took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the allegations.

“Sick to my stomach. What gives anybody the right to raise their hand on anyone?,” she wrote.


A Twitter user in response to Mahira’s tweet commented that everyone from the entertainment industry is part of the abuse.

In response to this, Mahira commented that she is “bloody proud of the industry she works in” because they “side with the right thing” and “use our voice for the right reasons.”

While sharing her thoughts on the accusations, Mahira also remarked that the matter of abuse should be dealt with seriously and people from a young age should be educated about consent, domestic abuse and sexual abuse.