A Pakistani citizen filed a suggestion on the Prime Minister’s Citizen Portal requesting for the Maldives to be merged with Pakistan because its a “Muslim country.”

The request which was received from an unknown person from Lahore stated that the Republic of Maldives should be made a part of Pakistan because “with rising sea levels, Maldives could be under water in the next 50 to 100 years” threatening the lives of 5 lakh Muslims who reside in the island country. As per the citizen, Maldives is Muslim nation and our neighbour, hence “it is our responsibility to do something about it. Allah taala rewards good deeds and it is justification enough.”

The citizen also believed that the inclusion of Maldives “will enrich Pakistan financially and culturally and provide a strategic spot in the middle of the Indian Ocean.”


He concluded his suggestion saying, “It’s a win win.”

The request was closed.

Now whether the request was genuine or it was a joke remains a mystery.