In an unconventional bid to fulfill a lifelong dream of ‘becoming an animal’, an individual known only as Toco recently stepped out donned in an intricately designed collie costume, valued at over £12,480 ($16,500).

The story of the dedicated dog lover was covered by Mail Online. Toco enjoys a following of almost 30,000 YouTube subscribers, becoming an internet sensation due to his peculiar pursuit.

Hailing from Japan, Toco spent approximately two million Yen on his lifelike dog outfit. Regular updates on his YouTube channel, ‘I want to be an animal’, showcase Toco frolicking in his backyard, enthusiastically performing tricks for pretend dog food, all while maintaining a quadrupedal stance.


Toco has now taken his unique hobby a step further by venturing out into public spaces to meet both people and other dogs. The internet personality can be seen in recent videos exploring a park, sniffing at other dogs, and rolling around on the grass, all while leashed.

The public reaction to Toco’s antics, ranges from amused inquisitiveness to mild bewilderment. Despite his newfound fame and a burgeoning fan base, Toco prefers to keep his real identity concealed.