A man in South Korea found stacks of cash taped under a second-hand refrigerator that he bought online.

As per reports, the man discovered the money while cleaning the fridge. The money amounts to 110 million Korean Won in total, which is almost $95,000.

The man instantly called the police to report the incident after which an investigation was initiated. Police said they are temporarily holding the cash. The seller and the transporter will be included in the investigation regarding the owner of the money.


While talking to MBC News, a police officer called the case “absurd” owing to the large amount of money involved.

Allkpop, a US-based pop blog, reported that the country’s Lost and Found Act states the money is to go to the person who found it if the owner does not appear within six months.

If this happens, man will only have to pay a 22 percent tax on the money he found.

On the other hand, if the owner of the money comes, the finder will be given 5-20 percent of the amount in compensation.

The law also states that if the money found is related to a crime, it will be given to the state.