A man named Zain Yaqub came up with a hilarious yet much-needed plan, by hiring a man named Ian as his ‘secretary’ to answer all the messages on the family WhatsApp group on his behalf, as per Times Now News.

His family soon came to know about this and decided to play along. Even a video was shared on TikTok by Zain’s brother, showed the chats where Ian answered.

“Sorry this is Ian, I will relay this message to Zain and get back to you when he responds,” was the secretary’s standard message to the family. Upon this, the father asked him to send Zain his love.


The video went viral on TikTok, where Zain’s father confirmed that he has met Ian over a Zoom call as well. A user actually suggested, “Start inviting the secretary to family events instead of Zain.”

Who likes such groups where thousands of good morning messages and memes keep coming in? This is a great solution for a desi household.