A man named Daniel Padilla-Ang, 27, murdered his girlfriend in a trivial argument after he broke her vape. The incident took place in the Orem city of Utah, United States(US).

According to the details, Ang’s girlfriend slapped him after he broke her vape. He then strangled her to death.

Ang called the police helpline 911 after committing the murder around 3 am. When the police reached his house, he said, “I just strangled my girlfriend to death. She’s dead … It was me.” He said he was ready to surrender himself.


During interrogation, Padilla-Ang revealed that they were in a relationship for many months.

He added, “She had come to my apartment the day before and we consumed alcohol that night.” He further said that he wanted to use his girlfriend’s vape pen, which she refused to give him. He then snatched the vape pen from her and broke it. The victim became furious and she slapped and pushed him.

Ang then strangled his girlfriend to death. After she passed out, he started punching her.

“He put his hands over (her) mouth and pinched her nose to see if she was still breathing. When she did not struggle, he knew she was dead,” the report says.

Padilla-Ang drank more alcohol and informed his family via text messages that he killed his girlfriend and he would not be able to see them for a while.

The police also revealed that he had a criminal record of domestic violence and was arrested five times in the last eight years.