A man in the United Kingdom received an Apple iPhone when he bought groceries online including apples.

According to details, Nick James, 50, was gifted a free iPhone SE as part of an online rewards scheme for shoppers of the UK-based supermarket chain Tesco.

Staff at his local Tesco told James that there was a “surprise” in his click-and-collect order.


“I was half expecting the surprise to be an Easter egg or something – [so] I was a little bit shocked, to say the least,” said James while talking about his unexpected gift.

The UK resident, later, shared his excitement on social media writing: “A big thanks this week to Tesco. On Wednesday evening, we went to pick up our click and collect order and had a little surprise in there – an Apple iPhone SE.”

“Apparently, we ordered apples and randomly got an Apple iPhone! Made my son’s week,” he added.

The supermarket chain had randomly selected customers for promotional rewards that link with a product they had purchased from the supermarket’s online store.

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The marketing campaign is called the Super Substitute scheme and aims at replacing a particular item in a customer’s cart with a surprise gift. Customers are randomly selected while the original piece will be retained in the cart, the report said.

Tesco has given up to 80 such gifts to its online shoppers across its outlets in the UK so far.