A Dubai salesman has been sentenced to two years in prison for setting a textile shop on fire, causing losses of nearly Dh1 million to the owner.

As per reports, the 27-year-old salesman from Afghanistan was fined Dh985,000 fine. He will be expelled after he has served his sentence.

He reportedly wanted to take revenge from the owner, who did not pay his salary for a year. In December last year, the defendant went to the shop and unlocked the shop using a cutter. He accused the owner didn’t pay his salary for one year. He expected to find some cash inside the shop, but couldn’t find any.


The suspect told Dubai Police that he found a lighter inside the shop and decided to set the textile shop on fire in vengeance.

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The shop’s owner testified that he checked the CCTV footage in the area and saw the defendant braking into the shop. “I was alerted about the fire and discovered that the defendant was responsible. He damaged the lock and the glass door before setting the shop on fire,” the 40-year-old Pakistani owner said.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the defendant with setting fire to a property and causing damages worth Dh985,000. The verdict will be subject to appeal within 15 days.