A man in Russia has sued a local TV channel for leaving him “shook” by covering too much negative news and now he has to visit a psychologist for his mental well-being.

“Perviy Kanal has infringed on my rights as a citizen,” Igor Mirzoev alleged. Russian state-controlled media outlet, RT, reported the news on Thursday.

In his complaint, Mirzoev mentioned he was “forced to start seeing a psychologist because his general psychological state and emotional stability were disrupted.”


Mirzoev claimed he started suffering from “panic attacks and intrusive thoughts”.

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The psychologist concluded Mirzoev was frequently watching Perviy Kanal’s content for several years, which, according to the complaint, “was dominated by negative news”.

In an analysis submitted to the court, 78.2 per cent of the broadcaster’s coverage was deemed to be “devoted to crimes, military conflicts and man-made disasters”.

“Mirzoev is now demanding $135,000 for moral damage, in addition to nearly $7,000 to pay for his psychologist’s bill, required to restore his psychological well-being,” RT reported.

A judge is set to hear the claim.