Adam Mohammed, a British citizen of Iraqi descent, has arrived in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, all the way on foot to perform Hajj. Adam started his journey last year in August.

He walked over 6,500 kilometres from Britain and crossed nine countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.

In Makkah, he was greeted by a large crowd of pilgrims.


According to Mohammed, he completed his journey in 10 months and 26 days. “There was a loud voice inside me that said I could walk from my house to Makkah. I couldn’t deny that sound. It was burning inside me like a volcano,” he explained.

On reaching Makkah, he said, “I endured all kinds of hardships, including the harsh weather, to reach the House of Allah.”

He said that performing Hajj is his highest and dearest wish