A Mumbai man updated his Tinder bio two weeks ago to add, “Looking for a sister to hang out during Rakshabandhan.”

This sounds odd as one of the most widely used dating apps, Tinder, is exclusively used to find partners rather than sisters.

The man wrote on Reddit that he used the app to find sisters because he didn’t have any. He wrote about how Raksha Bandhan, a holy festival for the Hindu community, made him feel lonely because he didn’t have anyone to tie him a Rakhi.


He has been using Tinder for the past two years to find “a sister to hang out with during Raksha Bandhan,” and this year he was successful in finding two girls. The three of them are now getting ready to celebrate the day together.

He wrote, “I have felt the FOMO for most of my life during Raksha Bandhan as I do not have any sister. No one to tie me Rakhi and me gifting them stuff. Anyways, since last 2 years I have been putting the bio as follows during 2 weeks before Raksha Bandhan: Looking for a sister to hangout during Raksha Bandhan. Thanks to Tinder, now I have like two sisters both of whom I met on Tinder. This year all 3 of us are planning to get together and celebrate Raksha Bandhan and exchange gifts and stuff. I’m so excited.”

With more than 120 comments as of now, the Reddit post has 97 per cent upvotes.

Another Reddit user expressed her willingness to tie him a Rakhi and take on the role of her Reddit sister because her brother is away and Raksha Bandhan makes her feel lonely.