As much as this year’s Lux Style Awards tried to be politically and morally correct, in reality, the exact opposite happened. The awards continue to be in the headlines and not for the best of reasons. After the whole Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain drama, which frankly blew out of proportion, people are now turning their attention to the other things that happened at the award ceremony. Such as Momina Mustehsan’s performance.

Momina, who was performing for the first time ever, opened the Lux Style Awards with Eva B, the cult classic rapper from Lyari. The entire segment, written, directed and produced by Mustehsan, raised more than just a few eyebrows and videos of her performing went viral on social media with people asking what exactly she was doing on stage.

Salman Sheikh, better known as Mani, also had a few thoughts on the matter. Sharing the video on his Instagram, he remarked that Momina’s performance was the death of rap and dance.


Meanwhile, here’s what Twitter had to say on her performance.

Signing off with a video of her performance. Enjoy.