Prominent models like Mushk Kaleem, Javeriya Hanif have called out Robina Khan for the assault by her husband on Nabila Salon makeup artist Bryan William, after he refused to carry her personal belongings while she was busy with the shoot. The makeup artist released a statement on his official Instagram account, saying he had been dragged from the second floor to the ground floor by four to five armed gunmen, and was beaten by the model’s husband without even having a conversation about what had happened.

Nabila Salon also condemned the incident on their official account, stating that they would only work with professionals who value the safety and importance of their makeup artists.

Now, other actresses have also stepped forward to condemn the attack and defend Bryan William for simply doing his job. Actress Mansha Pasha took to Instagram to share that she had worked with the makeup artist on many occasions, and was shocked by the display of “blatant gundaghardi”.


“It horrifies me to think that someone would think themselves so superior that they would resort to violence. No matter what the disagreement: that is just blatant ghundaghardi and there is no place for it in our work.”

The ‘Idiot’ actress then went on to share the statement Robina Khan gave in defence of her attack, and slammed her excuse:

“You just proved him right by your actions. Mother wife whatever is not excuse for any of this.”

Actress Saboor Aly also came to the defence of Bryan William by resharing his statement on her social media account, sharing her grief over the brutal violence inflicted on the makeup artist:

“There’s no justification for physical or verbal abuse. I’m so sorry you went through this. Just know you’re Amazing, my favorite and I love you so much.”

Actress Komal Shah shared a picture of Robina’s husband, Mujtaba Shah, who had beaten the makeup artist.  “Another day in Pakistan where ‘rich men’ with daddy’s money think they can do whatever the hell they want,” she wrote.