Chief Organiser and Senior Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Maryam Nawaz Sharif has stated that just as the country was saved from the risk of default within 16 months, similarly, her party under the leadership of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, will also lessen public burden of inflation and skyrocketing electricity bills.

“We saved Pakistan from default within 16 months, and now we will shield the people from inflation. It’s upsetting that the public has to face challenges like inflation and increased electricity charges,” she said during a meeting with leaders and officials of the party’s Punjab Women Youth Wing in Lahore.

“If the process of development had not been halted, there would not have been any tears in the eyes of the common man today. The issues of today have emanated from the four-year era of project Imran,” she added in reference to arch-rival Imran Khan who was deposed through a Vote of No Confidence in April 2022.


Maryam stated that only an elected government will be capable of curbing the demon of inflation and of initiating a period of progress and contentment.

“InshaAllah, just as we eradicated load-shedding, terrorism, and lawlessness in Karachi, we can also control inflation. Nawaz Sharif is the guarantee of Pakistan’s progress, and he alone can liberate us from all these issues,” she said.

She also reviewed the performance of the women youth wing and said that she feels pride in seeing the active participation of many women in political activities.

Maryam said that it is her desire that more party tickets should be given to the youth in the next election because the youth have the ability to make Pakistan a strong country.

She claimed that female students like the PMLN leadership because of their performance, claiming that her party had become the largest youth and women’s party in the country.

“PMLN leadership has always empowered the youth, they were provided with laptops and interest-free loans for decent employment,” she said.