A code of conduct has been made for wedding celebrations in Swat’s Mangalore village after a jirga on Sunday decided to eliminate unnecessary wedding customs.

The jirga decision says that weddings would be simple and nikkah would be performed only in mosques. In addition, the ‘haq mehr’ (dower) from the husband’s family would be only seven tola gold. The bride’s father will not provide money or food to the groom’s family and the dowry list would be modest and brief.

Chairman Qaumi Jirga Fazal Ghaffar stated that his own daughter’s wedding was simple and convenient for both families.


As per the new code of conduct, the wedding ceremony attendees would only be given dates; bridal gowns would not be overly expensive, and the groom would only provide the bride with 10 suits.

Walima or other marriage functions would be simple and will be held according to the financial resources of both families.

Fireworks and dances would not be permitted at weddings or other celebrations.