Following the suicide of Muhammad Masood, a victim of online loan sharks, his last voice note and conversations with the representative of the online loan lenders have revealed the pressure and emotional strain the deceased person was going through.

Lahore Rang has shed light on the final days of the man who borrowed money to pay his children’s school fee.

A recording of Mr Masood’s last message to his loved ones state, “I could neither be a good father, a good husband nor a good son. I’m under debt as I took loan and it’s all piled up with interest now. That’s the reason why I’ve been requesting you to sell the house, but you refused. The loan lenders have made my life miserable. I had no other option. Please forgive me. Keep my phone powered off for at least a month and then hand it over to Muneeb after throwing away the sim cards. I’m so sorry. Masood.”
The 42-year-old was being incessantly harassed and threatened by the loan lenders. In one recording, a representative of the loan sharks can be heard blackmailing Masood, hurling threats, adding female members of the victim’s family to the call and insulting them along with him.
In one recording he could be heard telling Masood to kill himself. His exact words were, “Get on video call with me right now and shoot yourself.” To which the poor man replied that he will.
The victim’s brother has filed a complaint with the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency, seeking justice for Muhammad Masood.


Pakistan 24 has reported that two offices of such illegal companies have been sealed by the FIA, during raids carried out in the light of the mobile records of Masood.