Peshawar police have arrested seven suspects on Friday, including the mastermind “facilitating” cheating in the recent Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT).

City police issued a statement saying that they had received several complaints of some students cheating via Bluetooth devices and more.

So far, 74 candidates, including men and women have been arrested and 19 cases have been registered at eight police stations in the provincial capital.


The police claim to have arrested Zafar Khattak, the alleged mastermind of the scandal following the initiation of a formal investigation — a joint operation by the Peshawar and Kohat police led to the arrest.

Khattak’s brother, along with Fahad, Fazal Subhan, Arshad, Fazl Wahab and Aminullah have also been arrested; all of whom are said to be highly-educated people.

Electronic devices have been recovered which are to be sent to the Federal Investigation Agency for forensic examination.

According to the police, other districts have also recovered 44 devices including microphones, mobile phones and a smart watch.