Maya Ali has always been expressive about the bond she shares with her mother and the latest social media post which she has made for her mother is surely the sweetest thing you will see today on the internet.

The Teefa in trouble actor took to Instagram — a photo and video-sharing social networking platform, to express her love for her Amma and wrote a heartfelt caption, dedicated to her mother.

She wrote: “With time you grow older, and your nature changes but for your parents, you never get older and that is the best blessing from ALLAH for all children… Today I was sitting with Amma after such a long time and sharing all the things and all of a sudden she hugged me and told me how strong I am, and how proud she is of me, and all I could say is that Amma “yeh sab app se he to seekha hai” but after this emotional episode, I realized one thing, no matter how old you get you always need a hug and cuddle from your parents to relax you and make you stronger… Amma I love you for everything, for understanding me when I don’t speak a word, when I laugh loud and you’re the one who knows I am trying to hide something, for those moments when I cry, you’re always by my side and saying, “bass bohat ho Gaya rona dhona?” for all the times you pray for me.


She then made a request to all her followers, urging them to take out some time and sit with their parents and listen to them.

“ We as children can’t return how much they do for us, so I request to all, please try and spare some time for them and listen to them, what they want… They are precious and the most important and most valuable relationships in the world…?”