The renowned fast food chain McDonald’s has opened an automated outlet in Texas, which is a first of its kind. The restaurant allows customers to order food without requiring a kiosk or a smartphone app.

Without any human interaction, customers will get their orders on the conveyor belt. The restaurant lacks any seating or set-ups for eating inside since it is meant to be a “grab and go” outlet.

This unique McDonald’s is smaller than other McDonald’s, and the restaurant’s primary objectives are to improve accuracy and order speed. Instead of waiting and ordering at the restaurant, guests can place their orders before they arrive.


The business claimed to be creating fresh approaches to provide clients with faster, more effective service.

Although there are still people working in the restaurant to prepare the food, the new approach only eliminates client interaction. According to the restaurant’s franchisor, Keith Vanecek, the new strategy enables the restaurant team to focus more on order speed, enhancing the effectiveness and enjoyment of both the customer and employee experiences.

The food chain has, however, come under heavy fire for automating the process since it would harm people’s jobs. At $7.25 per hour, Texas’ minimum wage is one of the lowest in the country. Additionally, reducing employment in such a situation scares those who are already wary of automation and robots taking jobs away from people.

Many individuals opposed the plan and posted their opinions and personal experiences on social media.

A Twitter user said that it would result in the elimination of jobs for restaurant employees. Another user said that after speaking with Google and Siri, he now needs to communicate with yet another robot.

While McDonald’s believes that the strategy will improve the consumer experience.