In the latest turn of events, Meesha Shafi on Saturday filed an application of no confidence in the judge who is hearing the defamation case filed by Ali Zafar. Additional session judge Shakeel Ahmed is hearing the defamation case for the past six months.

Meesha in her petition said that she has no confidence in the judge hearing the defamation case against her and has claimed that the judge is biased, adding that he reprimanded her lawyers for no reason. She requested the case to be transferred to another court.

Her petition read, “Judge Ahmad has shown a clear and obvious bias in favour of the plaintiff which is apparent from the mode and manner in which he has so far conducted the proceedings.”


Meesha’s lawyers said that they felt the bias from the first day but their intuition was confirmed by the judge’s conduct during the cross examination of the first witness of the plaintiff.

The sessions judge will now hear Meesha’s plea seeking a new judge.

Meanwhile, Meesha’s lawyers have also filed a separate petition in the Supreme Court appealing that the court was “not giving a right to a fair trial to Meesha.” The hearing for the case has been scheduled for May 9. Meesha’s lawyer, Nighat Dad said that the trial court had not permitted delaying the cross-examination of witnesses and that sufficient time was needed to cross-examine the witnesses.