Daughter of former federal minister Shireen Mazari, Imaan Zainab Mazaari Hazir, recently married the love of her life Abdul Hadi Ali Chattha, in a ceremony in Islamabad.

Have you searched on Google who is Imaan Mazari’s husband?


Abdul Hadi Ali Chattha is the Vice Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, Punjab Bar Council and Founder of Fair Trial Defenders Legal Aid Cell.

Well, we got a chance to talk with him and as a Multani, I am filled with happiness and joy that Imaan married someone who was born and raised on a farm (Pind) in Multan.

Abdul Hadi Ali Chattha did his O levels and A levels from Beaconhouse and went to Newcastle University UK for LLB Hons.

He takes pride in being a Multani and honestly, so do I.

When asked when the couple first met, Hadi said, “We first met in F-8 Katcheri because I was there for a client and got introduced to Imaan. We appeared in court together for that case.”

He started working at AGHS legal aid cell with the late human rights giant Asma Jehangir after coming back from the UK.

After her death, he worked at Justice Project Pakistan with Barrister Sarah Belal.

When asked why he left the U.K. or cities like Islamabad and Lahore and came back to Multan, Hadi said, “In 2018 I came back to Multan and established my legal aid cell, Fair Trial Defenders Legal Aid Cell, to give back to the people of my land. We provide free legal representation to clients who can’t afford legal expenses. We have a core team of six lawyers with my co-founder Suleman A Zeb.”

What do you love the most about Imaan?

“It’s very difficult to answer that because it’s everything about her.”

He was initially attracted because of her passion and bravery for the work she does. It’s also the side of her no one else knows, she keeps it hidden from the public eye.

Head over heels in love with Imaan, Hadi said, “I have never met anyone like her. She’s the only one of her kind.”

Since Imaan has been to jail recently, I asked him if he would go to jail for her. “I would go to jail with her. No one’s arresting my wife unless they arrest me too.”

Hadi has decided to move his practice to Islamabad, getting an office there in June 2023. “We will be living in Islamabad, serving the people in Multan through Legal Aid Cell.”

I asked if they intended to start a podcast together Hadi said nothing of the sort is happening in the near future.

Hadi has been a great support and core organizer of Aurat March Multan since 2020. He looks after all the legal matters and NOCs required.

When asked whether the couple will be seen in Aurat March Multan 2024 together, Hadi said, “Maybe one year in Islamabad March and one in Multan March. Wherever our comrades need us. “

The most thoughtful part is that they didn’t have a wedding hashtag or an extravagant wedding. “We both wanted it to be as small and intimate as possible. We feel guilty being extravagant especially because of what is happening around us with our Baloch brothers and sisters and the situation in Gaza.”