Mehwish Hayat is of the most successful stars in the industry, and as suits someone who knows their mind, she knows what she wants in life. And that includes her prospective life partner.

During an interview on Aik Din Geo k sath, the actress revealed the qualities she wants in her future husband.


Known for her honesty, she said she’s focusing on her career right now. She believes she might not be able to give her best to marriage at the moment.

But she didn’t say no to the idea of matrimony completely, stating that she will go for it when she’s ready to commit to the right person.

“I will definitely get married if I feel that I am ready for getting hitched with the person I like,” Mehwish said. “I would prefer to marry a person who earns more than my income.”
Mehwish emphasized the importance of inner qualities over superficial attributes, stating, “I value a person’s soul and personality more than their looks when considering a future husband.”
As she continues to entertain us with her acting, her thoughts on love and life show another side of her, making her not just a talented actress but also someone we can relate to in our own relationships.