Award-winning actress Mehwish Hayat has vowed that she will work towards promoting Pakistan’s national sport, hockey.

After a video of thirsty hockey players searching for water outside the stadium during the ongoing National Hockey Championship went viral, Mehwish took to Twitter to express her shock at the conditions of the players and called for the revival of the sport in Pakistan.

The following day, she visited the Abdul Sattar Hockey Stadium in Karachi to promote the ongoing championship. Mehwish even tried her hand at the sport with the players.


At the stadium, while speaking to the media, Mehwish expressed her disappointment on the conditions of the players and stadium in general. Mehwish said that more attention needs to paid to the sport and requested the government and Prime Minister Imran Khan to help the sport. She even urged the authorities to integrate sports into the school curriculum.

Mehwish later shared her thoughts on Twitter as well and encouraged others to also support the game.

Mehwish’s initiative gathered a lot of appreciation on social media and several other renowned personalities also spoke on the matter.