All the theories we all had after EP 12 have gone down the drain. No one thought “a few months later” Danish (Humayun Saeed) will be pining for his ex-wife Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) and putting his kid Rumi in boarding school. All everyone talked about was how it seemed obvious that Shehwar’s (Adnan Siddiqui) wife would come back and ruin Shehwar and Mehwish’s plan to get married for a happily every after.

Mehwish and Shehwar returning to Pakistan after spending a few months abroad

Wrong. Although Mehwish is looking super beautiful, and surprisingly more relaxed, in this episode, the do takey ka aadmi Shehwar is not interested in marrying the do take ki aurat. In a dialogue that’s bound to become popular Shehwar tells Mehwish that Shaadiyon mai divorce ho sakti hai lekin muhabbat mai divorce nahi hoti.

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Mehwish has travelled all over Europe and has the travel glow

Danish on the other hand, has gotten a promotion and has become besties with Mateen sahib, the older guy who works with him and had cheated on his wife and lives in utter regret of that. Danish has put his son in boarding school and is called by the principal for a meeting. He is told that Rumi is a terrible student and in walks Hania (Hira Mani) who is Rumi’s teacher.

Hira Mani makes her entry in the drama as Rumi’s teacher

She complains to Danish about how terrible a student Rumi is and how he needs to take his kid out of school. Danish asks for one last chance and they agree.

In the end of the episode we see Danish meeting with Mateen sahib to tell him that he’s planning to become a very rich businessman. Mateen sahib tells him his sob story again (in some very pretty dialogues) and then has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital.

Danish and Mateen sahib’s heart to heart

Danish calls his daughter and finds out that surprise surprise, Hania is his best friend’s daughter and when she walks in the hospital, she and Danish find out her father has died.

Hania finds out her father has died

Ok so, what will happen next? Danish will have to marry Hania and find love again (and become a rich businessman because of course, he has to) and Mehwish will realize that Shehwar will never marry her and she will always be the side wali.

That’s it? Predictable and boring, here’s to hoping that this won’t happen although all the signs point to the fact that this is the most obvious route the drama will take.

Hira Mani is a good actress and did a good job portraying a daughter who has just lost her father. But she lacks expression and comes across as a rather boring figure. Earlier, in .a behind the scenes interview, she spoke about her role in the drama and said, “[my role is]In fact it’s very similar to how I am in my life, a soft hearted girl. H for Hira and H for Hania, you’ll like this character very much”.

She will really have to take her acting up a notch for her role to become a prominent one and to take the drama out of the boring path it is about to take.