Important details are coming to light in the death of 11-year-old Ayesha allegedly at the hands of house owners in Faisalabad.

Ayesha, an 11-year-old domestic worker who was killed by violence in Faisalabad, got hired four months ago for a salary of 5,000 per month in a house belonging to a female lecturer in Naimat Colony.

Ayesha was beaten up on the allegations of theft to such an extent that she succumbed to her injuries and died.


Her parents have said that when they reached the Civil Hospital, they saw that their daughter was badly injured. They also revealed that they are being pressured by the influential suspects to reconcile, but they want them to be punished severely. Three of them are in police custody.

The police has informed Geo News that the girl was hired three to four months ago, while the child was beaten up a week ago. Further investigation is going on.

Previously, a horrific incident of violence against a young housemaid came to light in Faisalabad over the weekend. A 10-year-old maid died at the hands of her employers, reported Aaj TV.

The incident took place in Faisalabad’s Naimat Colony area, where a 10-year-old domestic worker died due to violence, after which the employers were detained and an investigation started. Three people, including two women, have been named in the case and all the suspects have been arrested.

Ayesha, 10, had been serving as house help in the house of Fazl-ur-Rehman, Suneela Tufail, and Raheela Tufail. The mother of the girl has said that she was not allowed to meet the child for three months. She was only informed about the death of the child.

According to the police, the female owner reached the civil hospital last night with the body of the girl. There were marks of violence on the girl’s body. The owner claimed that these were the marks of allergy on the girl’s body but the parents of the girl registered the case of death by violence in the police station.
The police spokesperson said that more facts will come out after the autopsy.