Actor-host Mishi Khan took to her Instagram handle to call out Aamir Liaquat for his conduct over the years.

The Janaan diva said that what’s happening with the Aalim Online star now is the karma of Junaid Jamshed as because of Liaquat, a group of citizens attacked Junaid Jamshed.

“Mr. Aamir Liaquat please don’t do these silly videos with your flip crying acting as it’s too late for you to give lame excuses to save your skin. You are exposed big time and your decision to leave the country is probably the most wise one. It’s too late….Your over confidence & erratic behaviour made you lose everything and of course what you said for Junaid Jamshed’s mother on live TV. Makafat e Amal. What goes around comes around so better to leave if you have little integrity and self-respect left. Stop your nonsensical videos as they won’t save your dwindled reputation.”


She also asked him that when is he leaving Pakistan and offered help in case he is not able to book a ticket.

Earlier Mishi re-shared a video of former Prime Minister Nawaz to express her disappointment and disagreement with his scrutiny of Imran Khan’s economic decisions. Mishi said that its all a lie, she also asked that when will Pakistan get rid of Sharif clan.