Mission Majnu Part 2 shuru?

Yehi tou lagta hai Steve Hanke babu ko, who took to Twitter to share a video of smoke rising from a building, claiming that it was a nuclear power plant in Karachi, and then proceeded to blame authorities for not taking the matter seriously.

We would also like to point out that Steve Hank is a professor of Economics at the very prestigious John Hopkins. A professor of his stature is expected to share only the truth.



Except, its not true. The video, from 12th June, is not of a nuclear power plant blast but its from a fire at a grid station in DHA, which left residents without light for hours.

But if Pakistanis are good at anything, it is making memes to roast others. And we got some hilarious responses.

Quick someone fly Sidharth Malhotra to Karachi!

Mission Majnu say fact checking seekhien sir!