Rapper Bohemia’s latest music video ‘Salsa,’ released on April 14th and the renowned Punjabi rapper has collaborated with Indian AkkiSingh and three sisters from Sistrology Sisters, Iqra Kanwal, Hira Faisal, and Fatima Faisal. Fans have had mixed reactions to the video of the song. While some believe Bohemia’s talent as a rapper, singer, and musician should have been showcased solo, others argue that collaborations may benefit the artist. Many fans even went as far as stating they would unfollow Bohemia following his collaboration with Sistrology. However, supporters of Sistrology stood by the sisters. Here’s a glimpse of the varied comments.

Who are the Sistrology Sisters?

Five sisters make up this viral music band and one of them, Iqra Kanwal kickstarted the famous YouTube channel, Sistrology. She began by sharing family vlogs, which quickly gained popularity, propelling her to success. Her vlogs showcased her four sisters too. Today, each of the sisters manage their own YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, enjoying success across various social media platforms. Additionally, the Sistrology girls are landing major endorsements and modeling gigs. Fans adore their vlogs and appearances. The sisters lucked out after Bohemia featured the Sistrology sisters in his latest music video, ‘Salsa.’