Model Saheefa Jabbar Khattak was on the Geo show Hasna Mana Hai where she opened up about her life.

On how she met her husband:

Talking about how she met her husband, Khwaja Khizar Hussain, Khattak said that she had been helping her then-friend, Khizar, look for a bride by introducing him to her female friends.
“He was my senior at BNU and he was single. He asked me to look for someone, since he wanted to get married. I was always a tomboy, not a girly girl, so he was never interested in me. Whatever rowdy discussions would be going on between boys, they would come and tell me,” she disclosed.
Khattak further shared that she had found some gorgeous women who she felt were perfect for Khizar, but soon found out that they were taken. Then Saheefa and Khizer realized that they liked each other a lot.
“We found something else instead,” she said of finding her soulmate.


Acting career

When asked about her acting career, Saheefa said she hadn’t been involved in television projects since last year, because she’s disappointed by regressive content in the scripts.
“It has been a year and a half since I acted, and I think I won’t go for it because the kind of scripts they offer I don’t like them. It’s all about the consistently wailing woman. In every drama she is turned into a mom, is consistently getting slapped and given divorce.”

Khattak talked about her first drama Teri Meri Kahani and said she was disappointed by how regressive the show was regarding the empowerment of women.

“My first drama was Teri Meri Kahani, in which I also had this type of character. I was this well-educated girl who was born and raised from the UK, and comes back here to get slapped, kicked out of the house. Basically for me its very weird because if a girl is very well-educated and independent, as well as a UK national…The problem was a strong independent girl, who literally has properties in the UK, why is she getting slapped around by a man and also accepting false accusations? It was that kind of drama, and the sad bit was that the girl suffers a lot in the story but in the end she forgives the man and goes back to him. And when you ask the production house that why is this happening, they defend their decision by saying the audience needs a happy ending,” she revealed.

Dropping out of college

When an audience member asked Saheefa about her decision to drop out of university years ago, the model revealed that she regrets that decision even today.

“It’s been good eight years since I dropped out and left my education. Every time things don’t work out, they did for me but it usually doesn’t for everyone. Today, I do regret that I left my education because at a lot of places that piece of paper is very important. I didn’t think like this before, had you asked me two years ago I would have said ‘Yes, drop out‘. Now, I have seen this very clearly that a degree is important so I wouldn’t suggest anyone to drop out until and unless you have a very good, solid plan.”

You can listen to the full interview below: