Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently appeared in an interview with a group of journalists and claimed that he played an instrumental role in stopping the war in Gaza for the month of Ramzan.

In a video clip that surfaced on X (formerly Twitter), shared by ALT News journalist Muhammad Zubair Modi asserted that in the holy month of Ramzan, he sent a special envoy to Israel in order to convince the Israeli Prime Minister to at least stop the war in Gaza for the month. “Kam se kam Ramzan mein Gaza mein bambari na karein,” Modi stressed. He also stated that the Israeli Premier tried to follow his advice but he did make the effort.

Modi went ahead to point out that, “Here you guys accuse me of politics against the Muslims but, Modi attempted to stop the bombardment in Gaza. Now I don’t want publicity for this.”


The claim is being taken with a large pinch of salt by social media users.