A lower court in Lahore has found Mohsin Abbas Haider guilty of threatening wife, Fatema Sohail.

Fatema, in an explosive social media account posted on July 20 had alleged that Mohsin was domestically abusive and had hit her on multiple occasions. She later filed an FIR against Mohsin on grounds of abusive behaviour and that Mohsin extorted money from her.

While the court found Mohsin guilty of threatening his wife, he was found innocent of breach of trust and demanding money from his wife.


According to reports, the court, during the hearing, instructed both the parties to present their respective final arguments in the next hearing.

Meanwhile, Mohsin termed it as a win and said that the truth is finally seeing the light of the day. In a video posted to social media, Mohsin’s lawyer Adnan Tariq said: “The incidents the accuser has narrated are false and nothing but the lies.”

“The investigation was high profile and it was conducted by the SSP, ADIG monitored it themselves. No money trail was found.”

He added that the Sohail and her lawyer never submitted the medical report to show that she was beaten up her husband.

“There are minor provisions of threat in the FIR, hence we are withdrawing on our bail plea,” Tariq concluded.

Haider also had a few words to share. Mohsin said that he was disappointed with the film and media fraternity for “believing a crying woman” without any solid proof.

“Without knowing the full story, they passed judgements. They started saying that my time is up aur main kaheen ka nahi raha,” said Haider.

He reiterated that a crying woman is not always telling the truth before going on to make religious annotations and saying that there is a higher power at work.

“I’m waiting for a reaction from all those who made comments and passed judgments. The more interesting part was that people from my own fraternity expressed their hatred towards me by unfriending me on Facebook.”

“Anyhow, may Allah keep you all happy and I thank those who supported me,” he concluded.


Posted by Mohsin Abbas Haider on Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mohsin also refuted rumors that he was marrying model Nazish Jahangir. The actor remarked that the media sensationalised comments without confirmation. He added that everyone will know when he’ll be getting married but at this moment, all such stories are false.

Fatema’s sister Ayesha took to social media to explain the victim’s version of the story. Ayesha claims that the police is supporting Mohsin.

Speaking to The Current, Fatema’s lawyer Barrister Ehtisham said that the court trial is yet to begin and this is the conclusion of the police investigation.

He said, “The [police] investigation has not been concluded on merits. We will go to the court against the police finding and SSP & DIG investigation who were managed by Mohsin Abbas.”

He added that since Mohsin has withdrawn his bail plea, he can be arrested under Section 506 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Unfortunately, there are no laws regarding domestic violence in Pakistan yet.