Moin Akhtar left his wedding to attend THIS actor’s marriage

You all know that the late great comedian and artist Moin Akhtar was one of the brightest shining stars in Pakistan, but did you know that he was also a very good friend?
The actor wrote an incident in his memoir that cemented his status as the bestest friend to ever have.

Moin left his wedding ceremony to attend that of his close friend Talat Hussain, who passed away yesterday.


“I left my own wedding to attend Talat Hussain’s wedding without an invitation,” the comedian wrote in his memoir.

The year was 1972. A young Moin was getting married on the same day as his friend and comrade Talat Hussain. “My wedding was on the same day that Talat Hussain wed Rakhshi. Although Talat couldn’t make it to my wedding, I didn’t need an invitation to attend his; our friendship had long surpassed the need for formalities, and I went directly from my own wedding celebrations to join in his special day.”

Moin Akhtar also revealed that among their group of friends was a palmist who knew about astrology. Once the palmist said to Talat Hussain, “You should change your name, this name doesn’t suit you much.” And then he changed his name to ‘Farooq Jalal’, under which Talat Hussain worked in a film. The film was successful, but perhaps Talat Hussain liked his own name better.

Talat Hussain passed away in Karachi on Sunday, May 26, 2024 after a long illness. The thespian was born on September 18, 1940. In a career spanning over six decades, he starred in many popular dramas and films, winning multiple awards, including the Amanda Award and Pride of Performance.