Pakistani actress Momina Iqbal is angry with social media twisting her recent comments about getting messages from cricketers.

In her Instagram story, she lashed out at those who are spreading lies for attention. “I never said anything bad or negative about any cricketer,” she remarked adding that even if someone messaged her, “I would have dealt with it myself.”

The actress said it was wrong for people to spread negativity just to benefit themselves, calling out those who use controversies to get more attention for their channels.
“I believe it’s crucial for us to respect each other. I think that being united and staying positive are essential for our nation’s well-being.”
“Don’t spread negativity for no reason! I’m surprised at those who post anything just to get views.”


Momina then asked her followers to focus on important things, like the incident where a Jaranwala woman, Maryam Bibi, died in the Millat Express. She wanted everyone to speak up about things that matter and not get into unnecessary arguments.

The actress talked about a question Wasi Shah asked her in a recent interview about messages from cricketers. She said it’s normal to talk with cricketers because they’re all part of the entertainment world. Momina explained that these messages usually just have nice wishes and hellos, and she can’t remember the names of the cricketers specifically.