As ‘La Casa De Papel [The House of Paper]’ aka ‘Money Heist’ fever continues to grip the world and Pakistan ever since Netflix dropped its fourth season, a Pakistani Facebook page has given characters of the hit Spanish series their own computerised national identity cards (CNICs).

Shaikh Parwaiz Imtiyaz (The Professor), Raheela Shaukat (Lisbon aka Raquel), Nadia Akhtar (Nairobi), Bilal Abbasi (Berlin), Taniya Khattak (Tokyo), Raja Zeeshan Ali (Rio), Delawar Khan Masood (Denver), Haji Maqsood Khan (Moscow), Sardar Hari Singh (Helsinki) and Omer Daraz Orakzai (Oslo) are on the list of CNICs by Laari Adda, which is going viral over the internet.

While the fan art by the Pakistani Facebook page is breaking the internet, it isn’t the only thing that connects the country to Money Heist.


Ever since the third season of the show, Pakistan has been playing an important part in the successful execution of The Professor and his team’s heist at the Bank of Spain.

An Islamabad-based team of 65 members, including hackers and surgeons, is helping the gang do wonders.

“We can activate their microphones, cameras and GPS. It took less than an hour to take over the defense staff’s telecommunications. The work Rio used to do was now done by 65 Pakistanis. They are geniuses, thanks to them, we had access to everything,” Tokyo had said in season 3 about the team that has also played an important part in the latest series of episodes.